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The Lord’s Prayer in Spanish Ring
The Lord’s Prayer in Spanish Ring

The Lord’s Prayer in Spanish Ring

Product Code: R 22
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The Lord’s Prayer in Spanish Ring

Praise the Lord! This ring, designed to be worn by a man or a woman is a silver coloured titanium stainless steel ring. It has the Lord’s Prayer engraved on it in Spanish with a small cross in the middle of it. Its diameter is 18mm or 19mm. It comes in a size 8 or 9, which is great to be worn on pointer or middle fingers, and even thumbs. Make a statement even when you're not in church by wearing this classy and holy ring any time or any place. It pairs wonderfully with your necklaces in silver, pearl jewellery, and even silver men's bracelets. Because its simple and subtle, it can also be worn with other silver women or men's rings. Hallelujah!

Material Stainless Steel
Colour Silver
Size (Aus / UK) Q or R 1/2
Size (Japan) 8 or 9
Size US / Canada 81/2 or 9 1/2
Circumference (mm) 48 or 49.3
Diameter (mm) 15.3 or 15.7


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