Tips To Take Care of Your Swarovski Jewellery

Swarovski Jewellery is luxurious, elegant, stylish and trendy! These crystal studded jewellery never go out of fashion and retain their appeal and style for years. However, with time, if you do not take good care, these brilliant crystals might lose little bit of their brilliance and luster. This does not mean that these are not of good quality; it just implies that you have not taken care of your jewellery as much as you should have -which resulted in the damage. Why let such a situation arise?

Here are some quick tips to take care of your Swarovski jewellery and enjoy their radiance for years.
Use Cases - Never keep your fashion jewellery in the open as it will result in quality loss and tarnishing. It is best to keep all your Swarovski jewellery packed into protective cases. These packs are often air tight which prevents jewellery contact with environmental chemicals and oxygen. The best option is to keep your fashion jewellery in their original packing. Avoiding exposure to direct sunlight and hot water will help to keep them in great condition for long.
Use Soapy Water - Just as in case of all fashion jewellery, you need to clean Swarovski crystal using mild soapy water.  These crystals have a coating which allows them to refract light - which helps them display delightful spectrums with your every move. If you do not clean them at regular intervals, this chemical coating might get blocked and prevent the refraction of light which might reduce their sparkle. You should never use chemicals to clean these crystals as it will react with the crystal coating and damage it permanently. Just a bit of mild soap water is enough to clean any Swarovski crystal.
Avoid Spraying Perfume - Never spray perfume directly on your favorite Swarovski jewellery. Perfumes often have chemicals which can react with the crystal and cause discoloration.
Avoid Sweat - Sweat can tarnish Swarovski crystal. Whenever you use this crystal studded jewellery and you realize that the weather has been warm and you sweated a lot, remember to clean your jewellery before sweat causes damage to the crystals. You can use mild soap water to remove any perspiration which might remain. You can wipe your jewellery using a soft cloth, to remove dampness, which is not good either.
Never Use Force - You need to be gentle with your Swarovski jewellery and never use force, even if something gets caught between the crystals. Using force might loosen the setting and spit out these beautiful crystals. Using a soft cotton cloth or a baby toothbrush to remove any stuck particles will not damage the jewellery but help to keep it clean.
Keep Away From Cosmetics - You need to keep your Swarovski crystal away from sun tan lotions, bleach based cosmetics and similar products as these can cause the crystals lose their shine and brilliance. Your jewellery might get a few scratches too.
Just follow these care tips and you be assured to enjoy this trendy wonderful Swarovski jewellery for many more years.

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