The Stunning Jewellery Trends This Season


Jewellery trends are never the same! With every season there is something new in fashion jewellery! Fashion enthusiasts and jewellery lovers try every bit to know what is trending and follow the fashion forecasts to know in advance what to expect. To know everything about what is in fashion, you just need to check any online jewellery store and check out their latest offers and collection. You will be flooded with options of different colours, designs and styles.

Here is a glimpse of what is trending this summer and what you expect to be a huge craze in 2014.

Ethnic Jewellery Is Back

Fashion jewellery is all about ethnic designs! Designs from tribal communities, inspired by life and living of ethnic communities with a touch of modernity are now hot in demand. This smart and trendy jewellery is available in several bright and colourful geometric shapes, available in textured gold and platinum plating and infused in a rustic theme. Just check any online jewellery store and you will come across the variety in designs and themes.

Fashion jewellery trends this year are focusing on flirty, fun and tribal design with a twist of modernity. Leading jewellery makers like Swarovski are also focusing on this trend and including these wonderful designs in their gemstones and Swarovski crystal studded jewellery.

Allegoria – Daring Trend of 2014

This is another daring fashion jewellery trend which is a true representation of spiritual and abstract meaning of different material and concrete forms. This trending theme depicts wonderful trends which conjures medieval spirits. This jewellery is wonderfully constructed around primitive instincts and geometry and intricately carved around different coloured stones. The colour palette used is well described as shocking, fiery and intense.

Cross Gender – Trendy Complex Mood Jewellery

Cross Gender represents multi faceted jewellery and explores the tough resistance of various stereotypes. This jewellery trend excites modern youth and is completely different from what we are used to. This includes bold, fun filled and smart jewellery – often described as experimental. This trending fashion jewellery focuses around strong pink colours and incorporates pale blues, pure whites and acid yellow in a lovely wonderful proportion. Available in a large number of styles and designs, this collection offers some of the best eye-catching designs.

Minimal East – Asian Influence

This type of fashion jewellery targets contemporary jewellery lovers. It offers jewellery in various contemporary designs and mixes the corporate roots of the fast transforming corporate world today. This kind of jewellery mixes soft and subtle tones and includes colours like fresh jade greens, grey green and lacquer red. Jewellery from this theme offer sophistication and meticulous styling. There are many designs to choose from which are designed for users in any age group and can be styled with any kind of attire.

You do not necessarily have to follow the trends to be fashionable. The best kind of style is one in which you find yourself comfortable and easy. It is smart to be trendy but not necessary…however, there is no harm in checking out what suits you best. Isn’t it?

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