Flaunt Your Fingers- The touché of Rings Adding to Your Enamour

Flaunt Your Fingers- The touché of Rings Adding to Your Enamour

Are you that dashing lady with a ravishing look? Do you have it all that makes the other sex get a gape at you for a minute? Well, if you are, you surely would know how to add to your décor and make yourself glamorous and poised.

For those damsels who are not in distress and can confidently walk past men, without caring to notice, here’s what you can add to that male glare.

Silver- the Sterling kindle

Yes the 925 Sterling Silver Buckle is soft, sleek and looks really suave on your slender fingers. There is an inherent character of silver sterling- it can express an aura of calm composure and radiant personality. Have you ever tried to buckle your fingers?  With this ring, you surely have accomplished this one really difficult craft. The sleek design, slender lengths that circles around your finger give a new look to your hands. Rings can really be a very subtle way of expressing your inner persona. Just casually flaunt your hand in front of someone and let the calm glaze do the talking for you.

Love struck or ring stuck

If you are the lady who’s been picked on air by the man of your dreams, its time you let that flying spirit run into you. The amazing tiny crystal hearts of your Love Hearts Ring can send many messages about your love. Slipping down this cute little ring with three small hearts engraved can be really a sheer manner to displaying- I have been the lady love of my man. And when your love knows you have been cherishing his being into your life, would add extra magic to those moments when you are with him.

Express your inner prayers

Then, of course, there are times when you have been busy working your guts out and making ends meet. If you do not have the time to say your prayers or even murmur a quick ‘thank you’ to Him, you could try compensating with The Lord’s Prayer in Spanish Ring. This is an 18 mm or 19mm diameter ring which has your silent prayers inscribed in them. You could run it down your middle finger or even your thumb and a sophisticated working glory on yourself.

Get the oomph out of your neighbors

You have been trendy, you have been poised, you have been spiritual, its time you be a little different from all these. The 18K Rose Gold P & Czech Crystals Ring is a little knotty and can sends makes knots around people who walk pass by. Yes, the crystals in the ring are carefully and gracefully placed on the ‘knots’ 1.7 cm by 1.8 cm spread on the ring. Its 18K plated gold which would match just any glamorous ensemble of yours.

If you have not really looked around your fingers lately and not giving it much attention, it’s time you give your fingers a likely chance to flaunt themselves.

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