Composed Yet Standing Apart- The Charisma of Pearl

Composed Yet Standing Apart- The Charisma of Pearl

The first time I saw pearl, I was awed by its shine. So soft and sensuous this gem is, it almost makes you hold it with great care. Every time I saw the oils paintings of Anthony Van Dyke, I was drawn to the magnificence the characters portrayed with shining pearls on them. Yes, pearls can be sensuous, romantic and touching a deep melancholic note in you. Women wearing pearls naturally get elevated to this great sense being the all enduring. Is it the shape or the luster of the pearl that makes it so melancholic and serene?

Pearl for your neck

Some women have in them what is called being a calm composure. The natural flair of remaining calm to every situation is what makes them the ‘woman of substance.’ Just imagine how composed and endearing you would look if you tried on the 18K White Gold P & Mother of Pearls Heart Necklace. The white metal is carelessly hugging on to your bodice adding a light shimmer to your skin. To add to its subtle existence is the 18K White Gold Plated Heart with a round pearl sitting right to his side. This piece of jewelry perfectly bedecks you while not even leaving a hint of deck-up. But, do stop by to say a soft ‘hi’ to those yearning beings who have got completely bowled over with your pearly enamor.

Pearl for your hand for that added shimmer

Being the kind of lady you are, I know you wouldn’t say a thing if there was nothing with pearl to accessorize your hands. But, wait a minute. Just because you don’t say a thing doesn’t mean your thoughts do not get communicated. You can perfectly accessorize your neckpiece with this 18K White Gold P Mother of Pearls Ring, which is encrusted with Czech crystals. This piece of jewelry has been so ornately decorated with two absolutely full bloomed round pearls and an array of crystal that it will definitely cover up a major section in your hands. White metal has a special way to adding to the shimmering glaze without announcing its existence.

The dangling pearl drop for your ears

Your charm is almost glamorized save the glisten on your face. Just try the 18K White Gold P, Mother of Peals & Czech Crystals Drop Earrings and you know you have made the statement on the floor. They will automatically know you don’t like being praised outright, but, their warmth with the way they receive you would surely tell that you’re being admired.

When you know your purpose is to maintain the calm composure and yet not dampened out in spirit, you could try out the combination of these pearls and crystals. After all, being sober does not mean you do not care to exuberate your inner beauty. It rather gives you all the more opportunity to try out these subtle pieces of expression add to your being.

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